Why do strawberries from the store last longer than strawberries from the farm?

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Beth Waitrovich is a Food Safety Educator with MSU Extension.

Beth Waitrovich

One reason strawberries from the store usually last longer than strawberries picked from a local farm is due to the variety of strawberry grown.  The “store” strawberry is a firmer berry but (in my opinion), not as sweet and juicy. The strawberries from the farm are also picked much riper than the strawberries that are picked to be shipped. Strawberries do not ripen further after picking. I did find a study comparing the taste of Oregon strawberries to California strawberries. Of note is the strawberries are different varieties for each state. Source: http://www.oregon-strawberries.org/sweeter_redder.html

Why is the expiration date or period longer on lactose-free milk than regular milk?

Lactose free milk frequently is pasteurized using “ultra high temperature” pasteurization versus the “regular” pasteurization process thus making it last longer than regular milk. The (UHT) pasteurization process takes the milk to a much higher temperature (280 degrees F. for a minimum of 2 seconds) which kills off more than bacteria than the “regular” pasteurized milk which is pasteurized at a temperature of 161 degrees for 15 seconds or 145 degrees F. for 30 minutes. Source: https://foodsafety.foodscience.cornell.edu/sites/foodsafety.foodscience.cornell.edu/files/shared/documents/CU-DFScience-Notes-Milk-Pasteurization-UltraP-10-10.pdf

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