A memorable experience

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Emily with new friends in France.

While France’s history and language can be studied online and with textbooks, the culture has more depth than I had imagined or what I had prepared for. Two months has finally passed and I am ready to board my flight tomorrow to land back in Detroit. I got out of the experience as much as I wanted to and saying goodbye was harder than expected.

And yes, I have gained international awareness as I now better understand the methodologies of everyday routines and farming principles outside of what I was familiar with, but that is the superficial knowledge that hasn’t impacted me as much as my personal development.

From the beginning, I’ve known that living, growing my influence, and learning begins with me being uncomfortable and that’s what this opportunity has provided. I was uncomfortable traveling by myself, I was uncomfortable living with strangers, I was uncomfortable working with colleagues who don’t speak English, but being in unusual situations has impacted my character. France has managed to make me a better person from this experience by preparing me to interpret, handle, and thrive in situations that call for greater understanding in all scenarios.

Thank you for following me on my adventures and I encourage you all, when you are presented with an opportunity to surround yourself with the unknown and be uncomfortable, chase after it because making it known and comfortable has a greater influence on you than imaginable.

Summer in France

Emily Kittendorf is a Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources junior double majoring in Animal Science and Communications. During the summer of 2017, she is studying abroad in France where she will be sharing the adventures of her journey on the MSU Food blog.